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Invest / Franchise

Invest in Moscow Real Estate

Interested in getting involved in Moscow residential real estate? Moscow Suites is constantly looking for new apartments, and we have partnered with owners looking to take advantage of Moscow’s increasing real estate prices, but don’t have time to deal with the messy details.

Moscow Suites works with partners by selecting appropriate apartments, assisting with the mortgage process (if necessary), obtaining discounted agent’s fees, verifying the due diligence process, then managing the design, renovation and fitout of the apartment, then renting the apartment from the new owner at market rates from the day it is completed!

This is truly a win-win for owners and Moscow Suites:

  • Owners get the desired exposure to Moscow’s increasing property prices with zero hassle and a long-term tenant from Day 1 who addresses all maintenance issues.
  • Moscow Suites gets a freshly renovated apartment built the to the design and quality we need with a responsible and rational apartment owner.

Please contact us for more information.

Your Own Serviced Apartment Business

Want to set up your own serviced apartment business? Not sure how to go about it, or don’t want to make the expensive learning mistakes inherent in starting any business, but especially in an industry as costly as real estate?

Moscow Suites has advised and franchised serviced & corporate apartment businesses on three continents, and we can develop a consulting package or franchising arrangement that will work for you.

Areas where we can advise/franchise:

  • Offshore/Onshore corporate establishment
  • Target Market & Apartment Location strategy appropriate for your city
  • Credit Card Processing relationships
  • Website Design and integration with Reservations System
  • Logo Design and Marketing Documentation
  • Operational Management and Budgeting/Accounting systems
  • Customer and contractual documentation
  • Apartment Selection and Fitout (whether renting or purchasing/renovating)
  • HR & Compensation
  • Marketing and Third Party booking portal relationships
  • Client Relationship Development
  • Housekeeping and Occupancy Management systems
  • Amenities, Linen, and Replacements procurement

Please contact us to learn more about how we can work together.