Alone in the city

Traveling alone? Moscow Suites team is happy to make your trip exciting, fun, and memorable.  

There are many benefits to traveling alone: no worrying about organizational aspects of the group, the freedom of choice is not limited to the needs of others, and the opportunity to meet new people triples. But the main downside of this type of venture is the feeling of possible boredom and loneliness. No need to fear, Moscow Suites team comes to the rescue with a list of things one can experience while visiting Moscow solo.

1) Rooftops and pulls, Moscow is packed with them in the summer. What can be better than enjoying a day with your favorite book and a cocktail on a rooftop terrace or near a pull, being surrounded by the relaxing, friendly people? Those locations are perfect to meet new people who are spending their day in the relaxing mode and are looking for new opportunities to widen their social circles.

2) Feeling like just being alone? Visit one of the glorious parks and botanical gardens of Moscow. The city is much greener than it seems. Take a few metro stops from your apartment to see Kolomenskoe park and its seventeenth-century churches, or go to the beautiful botanical gardens and see unique flowers and trees presented in the greenhouses.

3) Want to be interactive? Walk from the Moscow Suites apartments to the Moscow Planetarium. Watch an incredible show on a screen that covers the ceiling, or check out the interactive museum – Lunarium. The place is terrific for anyone with a curious mind; it can take a good part of your day.

These are just a few tips on how to have an exciting trip by yourself in Moscow. The Moscow Suites team is happy to give you more details regarding the mentioned location or to create a personal itinerary according to your tastes.

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