Autumn in Moscow

As the summer inevitably is coming to an end, we are starting to think of the places to enjoy the beautiful season of colors, autumn.

Moscow Suites Team decided to create a small to do list for the autumn.

1. Parks, Parks, Parks!

Moscow city is famous for it’s glorious and vast parks located all around the city. The combination of the green, yellow, and red leaves along with the views on the classical Russian structures and statues gives you vibes of Moscow that you’ve never imagined.

2. Covered Moscow River Boats.

When it is rainy and cold outside, and you are feeling like a glass of something hot in your hands and a blanket around you, but you don’t want to miss a day of sightseeing, your solution is Moscow River tours. The boat will take you through the most spectacular scenery of the city while providing you with the comfort of warmth, good quality food, and drinks.

3. Ghost Tours of Moscow.

Yes, Moscow is pretty famous for its ghost history tours. Whether you want to explore the locations of your favorite Bulgakov novel or learn about heartbreaking stories of our dukes and duchess, there is no better time to take a tour around Moscow when the sky is gloomy, and the city is filled with melancholic vibes.

These are a few things that Moscow Suites team enjoys dong in the autumn. You are welcome to email us for more tips and suggestions of thing to do in the city.


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