Unique gifts from Moscow

When we travel, we want to bring something memorable for ourselves and our loved ones from the place we’ve visited. But all the tourist’s kiosks are selling the same stuff in every country we visit. Moscow Suites team decided to create a list of gifts to buy in Moscow that will help to keep the traveling experience unique. 

1) Russian made comic books. In the comic shops like “Chook and Gik” (https://www.chookandgeek.ru) located in the center of Moscow within 10 minutes of walk from Moscow Suites Apartments – Tverskaya, one can find outstanding works of art in a comic form done by Russian artists. A right gift for collectors, art and fun lovers.

2) Painting from a local artist. Have your portrait made, bring a photo and make a portrait out of it, or buy a painting of your favorite street in Moscow made by one of the local artists. You’ll find so many of them on one of the most famous streets of Moscow – Old Arbat which is only 10 min walk from the Moscow Suites Apartments -Arbat. Listen to the local musicians playing their favorite songs as you stroll through this wonderful pedestrian street. There are many restaurants and cafes to enjoy along the way and a few more common tourist shops to have a look at


3) Get a Cheburashka toy. Cheburashka is a cartoon character adored by the Russian people of all ages;  he is a strange creature with no origin and no name. The name Cheburashka was giving to him by his best friend. He even has a happy song about it. Having this plush on your shelves will be a good conversation starter. You can buy the plush in a huge Moscow toy store, located within 10 minutes away from Moscow Suites Apartments – Arbat or ask our team to help you with the purchase.

These are a few suggestions Moscow Suites team has for the souvenirs in Moscow; we are happy to advise you on the gifts to buy following your interests during the check-in or via email.

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